In Jacq Ng & Associates (JNA), we believe in supporting one another. We meet regularly for our trainings and motivate one another with our success stories. By emulating each other's approach in our real estate business, we have achieved successes and breakthroughs in our lives and incomes. Working with like-minded team mates is a joy and one of the greatest blessings in life. We believe that success is a journey best enjoyed together.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

We rise by raising others. 

From Left, TJ Choo (Assoc Branch Director), Anthony Yeo (Senior Leader & Trainer), Stuart Chng (Co-founder of NAVIS Living Group)


JNA is privileged  to benefit  from the close mentorship of 3 well respected veterans in the real estate industry. No matter which sector you choose to focus on, be it New Launches, Resale Landed/Condo/HDB or Commercial/Industrial, we have got you covered. Our team mates are very experienced in their respective fields of specialisation. We strive to give our associates the most comprehensive support to excel in this business.  


We hold frequent sharing sessions, chaired by different leaders and producers. Here, we learn up-close how we can improve and fine tune out skills and capabilities. The various programs helps us propel our real estate career further. Whether it is financial calculations or presentation or closing skills, we tap on the collective wisdom of proven top producers and leaders to accelerate your learning curve!


In JNA, we believe that social gatherings are equally important as trainings. Through various team building activities, coffee and makan sessions, everyone get to know one another personally. We engage in open discussions and help one another to solve problems we are experiencing, through this, we have developed a strong bond and trusting relationship which allow us to work cohesively

Jacq Ng & Associates

Jacq Ng & Associates

Annual CNY Loh Hei

Jacq Ng & Associates

Jacq Ng & Associates

NAVIS Living Group Training Link Up

Jacq Ng & Associates

Jacq Ng & Associates

CNY Loh Hei 2020

Jacq Ng & Associates

Jacq Ng & Associates

New Member Recruitment

Jacq Ng & Associates

Jacq Ng & Associates

BRAVE Team 5 & 6

Anthony Yeo Division

Anthony Yeo Division

Jacq Ng & Associates

Jacq Ng & Associates

Jacq Ng & Associates

BRAVE Program Navis Living Group

Jacq Ng & Associates

Jacq Ng & Associates

Lunch Discussion, Re-strategise

Jacq Ng & Associates

Jacq Ng & Associates

NAVIS Living Group BBQ Gathering

Jacq Ng & Associates

Jacq Ng & Associates

Meet Up Catch Up over Lunch

Jacq Ng & Associates

Jacq Ng & Associates

Division Karaoke Session


Good Property Agent Jacq Ng Tiong Bahru

" I have known Jacq for many years now, and she has been a consistent mentor who I call count on as a friend all throughout. 

Jacq is generous in her sharing of knowledge, and patient as well! Her integrity and hardworking nature is what I think makes her so successful in her work, and reliable with both clients and team mates alike. Her ability to be detailed and yet think out of the box is admirable. 

Once she guided me with suggestions on how to market a property differently, and was supportive with great ideas! Jacq was encouraging and helpful as it can be challenging when you hit roadblocks at times being an agent.

I am thankful to have met Jacq and be able to work with her on so many levels. And I hope to continue to work with, and learn from her. "

Marie Ng | Senior Associate Director 


" An IT savvy leader who is meticulous and creative, Jac is also warm and fun to be with. A team player who is trustworthy and reliable, she is indeed a great asset to the team!

Thinking out of the box when faced with difficult situations. Excellent problem solving skills. Focused and determined, her resilience never fails to impress me !

Jac has the makings of a good leader because she is someone who is sincere and honest. Her integrity and genuine approach in everything she does not only makes her a great asset to her clients, she will definitely be a valuable asset to her associates as she guides them along their real estate journey!"

Caroline Tay | Associate Marketing Manager


Good Property Agent Jacq Ng Tiong Bahru

"Jacq has been a very giving leader. She will share and impart her knowledge and skills to those who are new to the industry. She is also very patient when listening to our challenges when we bring it up to her.

Whenever any of us in the team encounter problems, she will always guide us through. She will constantly check on us to make sure we are on the right track. She is also selfless and share with us her secret to her closings. Her charisma has encouraged us to learn from her and strive together as a team.

I'm grateful to be in the same team with Jacq. I’m sure her associates will greatly benefit from her guidance."

Cheryll Zhuang | Associate Marketing Manager

" Jacq is very meticulous and into details. She is approachable and makes others feel at ease around her. She is a very good listener, a quality that any outstanding leader would have.

I learnt that she helped to give advice to her teammates and help them to manoeuvre out of tricky situations. She was also patient to explain to them some of the important points when handling such situations.


As a downline, she is very supportive of the Division activities and she often volunteers to help out with the background work.

Her associates will definitely benefit from her years of experience as well as her genuine interests in helping others to reach their fullest potential. "

Anthony Yeo | Senior Associate District Director


Good Property Agent Mentor Jacq Ng Tiong Bahru

" Jacq is a wonderful person who cares and leads the people around her. 

From my interactions with her, I have found her to be very proactive, resourceful and driven in her work. 

She is naturally a giver and I observed that she is always there for her team and is an important pillar of support for them. 

I am truly grateful and proud for having Jacq on our team and am sure that through her capabilities and leadership potential, her team and associates will grow and succeed immensely."

Stuart Chng | Senior Associate Executive Director 


" Jacq never stop doing her best and keep looking for solutions to break through. She is skilful and courageous enough to Seize the opportunity to change things for the better. 

She is always patient, never stop learning and is willing to share.

JACQ, continue to create impact, influence and inspire people around you! Persist in creating self-awareness, self evaluation and self-improvement! "

Christine Kang | Associate Deputy Group Director


Good Property Agent Mentor Jacq Ng Tiong Bahru

Jacq is a very focus and passionate person in nature. She is very willing to share information and at all times been very helpful. Whenever you need her assistance, she will always be there for you. 

Ever since we all crossed over to OrangeTee Navis, she has been very passionate in building her own team. Her words turned into immediate actions. 

She went for courses to upgrade her skill sets, participate in many activities and shared with us what are the latest best tools and platforms to do better in property career. I can sensed her initiative and drive towards excellence.

TJ Choo | Associate Branch Director

" I came to know Jacq after joining the real estate industry.


JACQ came across to me as a sincere & approachable person that one can always trust. She is always there when you need advice & help during difficult situations. 

Her resilience & never give up mindset is also what makes her so successful in this business.

I’m very blessed to know Jacq and have her as a friend! "

Susie Tan | Associate Marketing Manager 

Good Property Agent Mentor Jacq Ng Tiong Bahru
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